Wednesday, May 7, 2008

WW Giante Latte Ice Cream Bars

"Notice: Excessive Consumption May Have A Laxative Effect in Sensitive Persons"

Well that is not quite the effect that these delicious bars had on my system but let me tell you....I was messed up for over a week. I only ate one a day for 4 days and my stomach has never been so messed up. I gained a pound and a half!

After day four of feeling so horrible, I went through everything new that I had eaten. When I read the Latte Bar box closely I found the warning up above! Why are they allowed to sell products like this? I know they are only 1 point and I should have been suspicious because at only 90 calories, they taste so good. Well needless to say they went into the trash and I will never buy them again. Artificial sweeteners have always done me in. I can't drink much diet soda (once in a while), Splenda is not my friend and when Olestra came out....we were quick enemies. So the moral of the story is.....if you are "sensitive" like me, do not buy these bars!


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