Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 11-This Christmas was Funded by Amazon and Ebay :)

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Day 11

Today's letter went to another dear friend from my college days :)  J is one of my husband's best friends and believe it or not, J and I were friends a few years before S and I met or started dating!  J and I got to know one another on the Entertainment Committee Board at our University :)  We had so much fun together and even went on a "date".  He is one of the sweetest, funniest and most talented guys I know.  Whenever you are with J, you know that you are in for a bunch of laughs and a good time.

When I started having feelings for S, I went to J for help and advice.  He was so excited that I was finally going after a nice guy and agreed to help in anyway he could.  So I guess you could say that I have J to thank for my wonderful marriage and beautiful children!  Thanks J for being such a good friend and such an important part of our lives :)  Merry Christmas!

Holiday Thoughts

Over the summer I decided it was time to minimalize our lives.  I started with our Family Room and then moved onto the upstairs hallway :)  Both areas look great but I got distracted by the stuff in the basement and have not had the time to do much with the rest of the house (that is my goal for 2011).  I was a teacher and our entire basement wall filled with boxes of my teaching materials (from the floor to the ceiling).  The books were doing no good in the basement and so I decided to start selling them.  I put all of my professional books up on ebay and Amazon (as well as some my mom was ready to get rid of) and also a bunch of boxes of children's books.  I also had a few moms come through and buy some of my chapter books. 

So far I have sold about 1/5 of my books and I have made just over $600!  Throw in the other items I have sold on ebay (children's DVDs, our gamecube and some toys) and I have made over $700.  This money is what we have used to buy Christmas gifts and it has been so nice to not have to worry about credit card bills and debt that we don't need right now.  I hope to continue selling over the winter and then have a yard sale in the spring.  Whatever I do not sell will be donated to Children's hospitals or our local library book sale.  It is my goal that by next summer, that wall will be empty :)

Special Christmas Fundraising Project

Click here to learn more about my husband's special fundraising effort to raise money for Make A Wish.


Mom said...

I still have more:)

Annie said...

Amazing, I need to do the same but I'm not a lucky girl so I have to throw everything or just get them to people for free.

Enjoy the weekend.

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