Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 23--A few more pictures :)

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Day 23

Today's letter goes out to the love of my life :)  S and I have been together for 13 years (we have been married for 6 1/2 of those years) and I can't imagine my life with out him.  S is my best friend and an amazing father.  I am so blessed to have him in my life and thank God for him everyday :)

S and I first started dating during our senior year of college.  I knew pretty early on that he was the man I was going to marry and even shared this with my best friend La.  Whenever I was with him it felt so natural and comfortable and I could easily picture us getting married, having a family and growing old together.   His entire family welcomed me with open arms and after only one Easter Sunday, it felt like I had known them all of my lives. 

S is one of a kind.  He loves his family so very much and always puts us first.  He is a hard worker (puts so much of himself into his work) but tries so hard to make as much time for his family as he can.  He is a true partner with child rearing and I am so blessed for this.  He does their baths, puts Z to bed every night that he his home and helps out as much as he can around the house.  He is an amazing cook and so on the weekends he puts together the most delicious meals.  One of my favorite evenings is enjoying a glass of wine, one of S's yummy dinners and then a movie cuddled up on the couch once the kids have gone to bed.  It doesn't happen often (we are soooo busy) but when it does, it is wonderful!

I am so blessed to have S as my husband, best friend and the father of my children.  He is so creative and talented and we are so proud of him.  It takes a brave person to start a business in this crazy economy and despite all of the long hours he is putting in (he works 7 days a week), he still makes time for us.  We are so lucky and hope that he knows how much we love him.  Merry Christmas S!

A Few More Holiday Photos

 Z picked the most complicated gingerbread kit they make this year :)

We had to call in S as our construction foreman
 It took almost an hour to construct the houses
Then Z said that the houses looked like the cottages at the lake and so we made a lake and beach ;)
 Here are the rest of the cottages (please ignore the messy table)
Our Reindeer "Pigs" Z calls them ;)
 Z's crazy set up for Park and Molly (he wants to make sure they have a fun night!)
Park and Molly hanging out on the new gate around our tree
Z and S made this Santa for me :)
 Z made this AWESOME snowman frame :)
Lil C' takes Park the Elf for a "stroll"
Lil' C gets a little more comfortable with Santa at the Senior Center
Lil' C chatting with one of the seniors :)
Z's dog biscuits for our furry loved ones :) 
 Park and Molly sneak some snacks in the pantry!
 Their last day at our house, hanging in the tree....we will miss these silly elves!
Reindeer pots we made at Auntie La's house today!  
 Cookies we made at Auntie La's house, I forgot to take more pictures :(
 I think we will have a white Christmas after all!!!
Z and Mommy coloring while watching the Grinch :)

Special Christmas Fundraising Project

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Shane D. said...

S is a lucky dude. Love the pics!

Connie said...


Next year...I'm going to make a Gingerbread House from scratch. I'm planning it right now!

Annie said...

Wishing you two more blessing years together.

Wow, you did a lot of things.

Mommy Lisa said...

So great. I love the pictures~

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