Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 21--Elfcapades

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Day 21

Today I celebrate my little man...Z :)  A little over four years ago this treasure came into my life and my heart has never been the same.  He fills my heart and soul with love and pride and has been an absolute gift. I am so blessed to have him to love!

A few days ago our Advent Calendar of Experiences asked Z to write love letters.  He immediately got to work on a letter to his Auntie A and then asked me to write him one :)  This is what I wrote:

Dear Z,

I love you so very much!  You are so special and filled with love. 
I love that you have so much Christmas spirit.  Thanks for being you 
and for being such a wonderful son.  I am so proud of you!


Reading this simple letter put a huge smile on his face.  I know that if I read him the Advent Letter I wrote today, it will probably not mean as much as this simple love note did.  I will most likely put it in his treasure box so that he can read it when he is old enough to appreciate it.

Z is an amazing little boy!  He is a sensitive soul with a heart of gold.  He has many worries in life (like his momma and papa) and often fixates on things.  He loves to give to others, loves to laugh and has such an enthusiasm for life.  Z is an active little boy but a homebody at heart.  Most days he would rather be playing in his house than out and about in the world.  He loves the lake (his second home) and is devastated every fall when we have to leave for 6 months.  The people at the lake are family as far as Z is concerned and he talks about them all year long.

Z is a smart little guy and has a thirst for learning about new things (especially science).  He loves the solar system, the digestive system, animals, sports and now is obsessed with learning how to write letters :)  He is such a special little guy and I love him so very much.  Z is our own little Christmas Elf and he spreads Christmas cheer wherever he goes.  I am looking forward to a very magical Christmas and want to Z know how much I love and appreciate him.  Merry Christmas Z :)


Park the Elf (our Elf Magic Elf) is back this year for a two week stay :)  This time he had a big surprise.....after about 5 days of being with us, he asked Santa if his kid sister Molly could come to play too!  Z and Lil' C were so excited to meet little Molly.  Two elves can get into way more trouble than one, check out our pictures below :)
playing Yahtzee with crackers and water
reading the new books he brought for them while munching on crackers
cuddling up with friends :)

 Park writing in a new journal :)
 Snowball fight!  This was hours of fun as we then had a snowball fight with the cotton balls :)
Meet Molly!
 Park and Molly get ready for an Adventure
 Here we go....
Park and Molly get caught fishing for our pet Burger! :)
The Marshmallow Snowman Craft the Elves brought :)
They covered our house in candy canes!
 They brought extra candy for the gingerbread house!
 Z sets them up each night with their crackers and water
(the crunch of the crackers reminds them of the snow at the north pole) :)


Shane D. said...

Park and Molly seem like lots of fun. Happy birthday to Z, who is a lucky young man to have wonderful parents and family.

Mom said...

Z has brought a lot of joy to many people. He was our first grandchild, and when he was born our hearts were filled with such love and joy. Z has paved the way for G, Lil' C and now J. Each of our grandchildren are such treasures and are our little miracles!
Thank you, Z, for introducing us the thrills of being grandparents.

Love, Neene and ChiChi

Annie said...

Is fun to see those pictures.

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