Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 14--Z's Homemade Gifts--Family Members Do Not Read Bottom Half!!

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Day 14

Today's letter was personally delivered to my good friend K :)  K and I met back in the spring of 2007 when she called me out of the blue and asked me to meet her (with a few other moms) at the park for a playdate.  At the time of her call, I had just about given up on our local MOMS Club (they were way to cliquey) and was starting to feel that I would never meet anyone in this new town.  K's call was a life ring, being thrown to me when I needed it most, and it changed my "mommy life" forever!

K is a very special person and has been such a wonderful friend.  She is always there whenever I need her and has been a wonderful support to me since the birth of Lil' C.  K's daughter Ab and my son Z are two peas in a pod.  Z says he is going to marry her someday and we always joke that that would be a bad idea (they both are so sensitive to sound and have anxiety so they would never leave their house!). 

The Raising Z household is so lucky to have K and Ab as not only our friends but as our neighbor too.  We love them very much and can't wait to meet their new addition this spring.  Merry Christmas!

Z's Homemade Holiday Gifts

Neene, Mimi, Chi Chi, Grandpa Jeff, Auntie Laura, Auntie Amber, Auntie Kristen, Uncle B and Godfather Matthew........Don't go any further!!!!  You do not want to spoil your Christmas gift from Zachary!!!!!  Turn off your computer NOW :)

Are you still looking Mom??  I am serious, time to put down the computer :)

For the last few weeks, Z has been working on his holiday gifts.  Since the beginning of November, we have spent a little time each week on this project.  I did not want to stress anybody out, as the holidays approached, so I figured that this would be the best way to do it.  I am soooo pleased with the way this gift turned out and Z is so very proud.

So here is what we did (I think it is now safe to talk about it ;)).  We made note card sets (picture below).  Each family member is getting a stationary set of 8 note cards, each with an original design.  We did one design each week (water color, crayon resist, stamps, finger print animals, tempera paint, glitter paint, marker picture and a splatter paint) and Z made 8 of each technique.  All of the note cards and envelopes were put in a big envelope with a big sticker that said, "Z designs".  They came out so cute and I know that the recipients will love them!

Here they are :)

Special Christmas Fundraising Project

Click here to learn more about my husband's special fundraising effort to raise money for Make A Wish.


Annie said...

Cute homemade gifts. I love when kids made gifts, definitely so special.

Have a good day.

PS: Please, email me your mail address because I want to send you a Christmas card, thanks.

Connie said...

WHat an awesome idea!! I wonder if I have time to throw some cards together?

Mommy Lisa said...

I will seriously need to put together advent letters next year. This has been such a lovely idea and I have enjoyed reading about the great people in your life!

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