Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 5--A Griswold Family Christmas

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Day 5

Today's letter was sent to our family friends, B and S :)  They are best friends of S's parents and have been celebrating the holidays together for over 35 years!  We are Christian and they are Jewish and it is such a wonderful celebration every year, even more so when the two holidays align.  I don't know of too many families who celebrate Christmas with a delicious Jewish dinner, it is wonderful.  This will be the first year in a long time that we will not be celebrating together.  We have all decided that due to the loss of S's sister, Kiki, we needed a year to remember her and skip all the craziness of the holidays.  It will be difficult to be apart but I think it would be even tougher to be together (if that makes any sense).  I love B and S so very much and I am closer to them then most of my own relatives.  They are a very important part of our lives and I chose today to let them know how much they mean to me.  Happy Hanukkah B, S and the rest of the W clan :) 

Z and Lil C's Advent Calendar of Experiences

Today's door let Z know that we are going to have a special Griswold Family Christmas, decorating his Neene and Chi Chi "aka Clark's" Christmas tree.  My two sisters, families and mom and dad will be getting together to deck the halls, eat Chinese food and watch this fabulous movie.  It is a family favorite and I can't wait :) 
The picture above is my brother in-law posing as Eddie from the movie.  That is an actual "dicky" that he is wearing and he special ordered the tight fitting sweater just for Christmas eve two years ago.  I almost peed my pants when he surprised us with that funny get up....he tried to locate moose glasses (like in the movie) but they were too expensive :)

Well I got the stomach we were exiled from my mom's house :(  Actually they offered to postpone the event but I told them to go ahead with out us.  S was sick with this bug all last week and I am now blessed with it.  We think Z had a mild case over the weekend and we are hoping that C does not get it :(  So we are going to watch the movie as a family of four tonight and I will not be dining on Chinese because that would not be good for my stomach ;)

Special Christmas Fundraising Project

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Poolside with the Girls said...

Sorry to hear you are (all) sick. Hope it passes quickly...just think, you'll have paid your dues for December so hopefully you won't be sick around Christmas!

I have so much catching up to do!

Hope all else is well..I bet C is getting so big!

Mom said...

We missed you!

Connie said...

We love that movie! We haven't watched it yet...but we will. LOVE THE COUSIN EDDIE get up! What an awesome idea!!

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