Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 18-Holiday Photos

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Day 18

Today I am celebrating all of my former students.  I taught a second and third grade multi-age class for four years before starting my new job as a mother.  The best part about teaching for me was getting to know my students.  I was blessed to have most of my students for two years and so I was given the opportunity to really get to know each of them and their families.

Today I am going to highlight Jabari :)  He was in my very first class and it is because of his gift so many years ago, that I was inspired to create the Advent Letter Project.  Jabari is an amazing and talented person.  Even as a third grader, he was wise beyond his years and one of the nicest children I have ever met.  He was super creative and even invented, "Comedy Snack Time".  Once a week during snack, students would sign up to entertain the group with their comedic talents :)  It was really fun and so nice to see how supportive they were of one another's comedy routines :)

I have written to Jabari and his mother today and it is one of my New Years resolutions to reach out to as many of my students as I can by this time next year.  I am friends with many of them on Facebook  but it has been a long time since I have seen any of them.  I hope to write to each student and let them know how special they are and how much they mean to me.

I learned so much from each and every one of my students and our classroom was always a close and loving community.  I was the queen of holidays and we celebrated every occasion I could get my hands on (the Elvis birthday countdown was always fun).  There is not enough celebration in today's public schools and not enough appreciation for the strengths that each student brings into the classroom.  One of my favorite units of the year was called "Teach the Class".  Each of my students was given a 30 minute block of time to teach us about something that interested them.  We learned how to Irish Step, how to cook family dishes, about different sports, how to play different games and so much more.  It was so nice to see each child shine and for everyone in the class to learn from one another.

I miss my days in the classroom but my current role as a stay at home mom is where I need to be :)  I want to thank each of my students for not only teaching me so much but for also touching my heart.  I love you all!  Merry Christmas.

Thanks to all of my beautiful students!   Thanks to Jabari, Kim, Joey, Tommy,  Jessica, Alex, Andre, Dylan, Dylan, Giovanna, Giana, Carolyn, Jessica, Erin, Jake, Michael, Andrew, Austin, Amanda, Caitlin, Len, Zack, Allie, William, Dylan, Annie, Elizabeth, Will, Carter, Alex, Bridget, Samantha, Ryan, Dominic, Tarik, Sammy, Sophia, Jonathan, Xavier, Sean, Andrew, Emily, Winnie, Petey, Jack, Anna, Anne, William, Quanah, Alex and Sydney for all being so wonderful!!

Holiday Photos

 Lil' C reads her Christmas books in front of her tree :)
 going out to hunt for lights :)

 the lights :)
 our candle lighting for Kiki
our tree

Lil C checking the tree out
 Our Annual trip to the Liquor Store to see the Trains!
 Loving these trains!
Lil C checks out the advent books
 trimming the tree :)

Santa's Holiday Party at the Farm
Look who came :)  It is Park and Molly our Elves
 Check out the piggies

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Shane D. said...

Simply awesome post today, between Jabari and the photos, I am smiling after this one!

Annie said...

Another common thing, I'm a SAHM the last 4 years and also a teacher, but I teach first grade. I miss my work too, but having all the time with my girls is the best.

Great decorations.

MamaB said...

I love that you go to a liquor store to see the train display! A girl after my own heart!! I bet you were an awesome teacher...oh wait you are still an awesome teacher considering how generous and caring Z and lil C are for their young age! Good job Mama!

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