Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 6--Books of Advent

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Day 6

Today is my sister in-law A and brother in-law A's anniversary!  Two years ago today they tied the knot in the most beautiful winter wedding.  I thought it was only fitting that they receive today's letter (enclosed in the lightning mcqueen card that Z picked out).  A and A are so much more than in-laws....they are my brother and sister.  I love them very much and wish that we lived closer so that we could see more of each other.  They are both golf professionals and so they have CRAZY schedules.  I am looking forward to some downtime with them over the holidays and I know Z and C are going to love spending time with their auntie and uncle.  Happy Anniversary guys!

Z and Lil C's Advent Calendar of Experiences

Today's box included a note that told Z that tonight at dinner we would be eating dessert first!!  This was so exciting to him (it is the little things), he LOVES dessert :)  He immediately started planning what his dessert would be.  He is thinking that a candy can would be a very special treat for a very special night, I think he is right.

Because Z is just like me and loves the holidays, I also scooped up this idea from BJ Mama to help countdown to Christmas at bedtime too :)  Every night we go to the book basket where all of our wrapped books sit.  I have them numbered and strategically ordered so that certain books pop up at just the right time.  Z has been loving this!!!  It does not matter that the books are not new and that he has read a few of them a dozen or more is so exciting and special to unwrap each and every one.  Then we curl up on the couch, next to the tree, and read that nights story.  I plan to do this every year until they are too old to care, it is a very special way to count down the days. 

Special Christmas Fundraising Project

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Mommy Lisa said...

I need to pull up the Christmas books I bought for Boo Boo on Target clearance last year the day after Christmas.

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