Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 8--Stopping the Madness :)

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Day 8

The next few days will focus on my sisters :)  I am so blessed to have two wonderful sisters in my life and today I have written to my baby sister K.  K was often last in everything that we did growing up and also had the most hand-me-downs.  It is for this reason that I decided to write to her first :)

I am so very proud of my sister K.  She is working hard to save our world and the way that big companies operate in it.  Her job is very important and she gets paid so little for the great work that she does.  Despite her little pay, she works so very hard and puts 110% of her self into her job. We are all really lucky to have someone like her out there working to help make this planet a cleaner, safer and more fair place to live.

K married her high school sweetheart (almost 2 years ago) and though they don't have children yet, I know they are going to make WONDERFUL parents :)  I am so blessed to have my sister K as one of my best friends and I love her dearly.  Merry Christmas K.

Holiday Thoughts

As always, I finished my holiday shopping before Thanksgiving.  I do this because I like to enjoy the holiday season and do not want to be stressed about not being able to find the right gift, lines etc.  As wonderful as it is to be all done with my shopping (and this year we had a very strict budget with which to shop) there a few drawbacks.  The first is that it is more difficult to return items because you bought them so long ago...if stores have a 90 day policy, you are all set but many only have a 30 day and so you better pray that the gift works out just fine!  The second thing is that some items get cheaper as you get closer to Christmas (however some do get more expensive).  The last issue that I run into, and is the biggest issue of all, is that it is so hard not to be tempted to buy additional things when you see them!!!  My children are sooooo easy to buy for and I am constantly seeing things that would be perfect for them.  I have given in to this temptation a few times but it is time to STOP the madness ;)  I am officially giving S my credit card and will not go to a store without Z (that way I can't buy anything for them).  I did so good with the budget and I do not want to blow it now :)  Happy shopping!

Special Christmas Fundraising Project

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