Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Snow Day.....

Kids around here have had 1.5 days of school this week.  Between 2 snow days, MLK day and a delayed opening, it has been more like a vacation than a regular school week.  For our family, the snow day means another day at home while S works in the bedroom.  I love home days but this is the third day day this week so I am really working hard to stay creative and make sure that today is fun for all of us!

So far this morning we have made snowman pancakes, played little people, Lil' C practiced going up and down the little slide, we made obstacle courses, played basketball, watched the trash truck get unstuck from our snowbank and now they are watching a little dinosaur train so that I can sip some coffee and breathe :)  Later today we might play with ice (fun, fun), make rocket pops, have a dance party, work on our Valentines, play more bakery, make muffins and then we will have lunch.......;)

It is really hard on days like today not to count the minutes and want to scream from cabin fever (especially when Lil' C is whiney).  I have decided to put on a smile and try not think about the hours that we need to fill but instead I plan to sit back, relax and let my children lead me through this cozy day at home :)

 Everything has come out of the basement this week.....we can barely walk!
 playing bakery
 practicing the slide
 snowman pancakes
 b-ball :)


Mom said...

Oh Bab, with the cold tempts coming back it will be a long weekend.
Get those creative juices going!

WhisperingWriter said...

I love those snowman pancakes!

Connie said...

Those snowman pancakes look great!

Annie said...

Wow, lots of toys for entertainment.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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