Monday, January 31, 2011

Grandma Turns 90

This past weekend S's maternal grandmother turned 90!  It is hard to believe that at the age of 33, he still has three of his four grandparents.  All three are now 90+ and are three of the most beautiful people you will ever meet :)   
This past weekend was all about Grandma E and her close family and friends (45 of us) gathered together to celebrate her glorious life.  
Grandma's life story is right out of a movie.  Born on a mountain side in Italy her father went to America to make money with the intention of bringing his wife and newborn child over as soon as he could.  Grandma and her mother lived with her father's parents and who were not kind to them at all.  Her father would send letters and money so that she could save up for their journey to America and his cruel parents would steal it.  They did not want Grandma and her mother to leave because they treated them both like slaves and would miss all that they did for them.  Grandma's mother had to make a secret arrangement with the postman to give her the letters in private and she secretly saved as much money as she could.  When they had enough, they snuck away and set sail for America.  Grandma came through Ellis Island at the age of 8 (we saw her Father and Mother's names in the Ellis Island log book for ourselves a few years ago) where she did not understand one word as they butchered her name and her hair.  It was then that she met her father for the first time and the family was finally complete. 

The Birthday Girl
Her childhood was not easy, being an immigrant but through it all she gained strength and grace.  She is one of the kindest and most intelligent women you will ever encounter and most of her knowledge is self taught.  She married Grandpa L, raised four beautiful girls, loved to read, was an avid gardener (would spend 6+ hours a day in the garden), was a good golfer and an amazing cook.  She has been married for over 70 years, has 11 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren and 1 great great grandchild :)  

This weekend we all came together for a festive luau to honor this beautiful lady.  Once the entertainment began serenading her, she got up from her walker and started to hula.  It brought tears to my eyes to watch her in her glory.  Then Grandpa L got out of his walker and took her in his arms and they danced around to the music.  It was one of the most touching things I have ever witnessed.  After it was all over, I went to her and gave her a kiss and told her how beautiful her dance was.  She thanked me and told me how happy she was that S chose me and how much she loved me.  She said that she knew from the minute S talked about me 12 years ago (without even meeting me) that I was something special.  Once she met me she pulled him aside and told him that I was the one.  I started to cry, hugged her and thanked her for being such an important part of my life.  She is a very beautiful lady, inside and out.
The night was truly magical.

The beautiful couple
Grandma and her Great Great Grandchild
Her gorgeous husband, Grandpa L
The Hawaiian Entertainment


Mommy Lisa said...

How FABULOUS! We get to celebrate my Grandmother's 97th in early March...sadly her husband passed away over 20 years ago, but granny has had a pretty cool boyfriend for about a dozen years and she loves lots of things.

Sad for me is that I feel she is getting ready to leave us. I hear it in her voice.

crumthekid said...

love this story :) Until 4 years ago, I had 4 living and relatively healthy grandparents and have felt SO blessed to have known them into adulthood.

MamaB said...

Aww!! That brought tears to my eyes!! She sounds like an amazing woman! Definately a cherished memory for you and her! Happy Birthday Grandma E!!!

Annie said...

Amazing!! So glad you had the chance to celebrated with her.

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