Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where in the World is Dumbee??

My brother in-law "Dumbee" (aka Uncle B) travels ALOT for work.  When my sister in-law was alive, he traveled 2 weeks out of every month....now it is almost 3.  He use to travel to London (he is from the UK), the Caribbean and all over Europe but now he goes a little bit further.  He now frequents Botswana, South Africa, Mauritius (the island next to Madagascar) and other African countries.  He has many stories, some good photos and souvenirs but most of his time is spent working or getting over his jet lag.  The poor guy hasn't even had time for a safari yet :( 

This past trip before Christmas, "Dumbee" started sending postcards to the kids from his different destinations.  It has been very exciting to receive them and they have turned into the perfect learning experience for Z!  With every postcard we check out the pictures, read what B has written or drawn (he is an amazing artist), check out the postage and how much it costs and then get out the stuffed globe that Z has and find B's location.  The postcards hang on our fridge and Z and C love to look at them, carry them around and find where B has been.  I hope to take this interest a bit further and explore some of the cultures and habitats in these areas.  Z loves to learn about people and animals and this will be a great springboard.  B has promised to keep the postcards coming so we can look forward to more teachable moments in the near future.  Who knows, maybe B will end up living in one of these countries for a bit and we will be able to go on a wonderful adventure to see him :) 


Annie said...

Great way to learn about other countries.

Mom said...

How about using a world map to keep track of Uncle B? That may put it in a little more perspective for Z. My class did that with you when you went around the world. We had your ship moving all around the world.
However, the concept is a little beyond him. I will look through my stuff at school. May have a map.


Mommy Lisa said...

I would love to have a huge world map on a wall.

Connie said...

How fun!! What a great idea for teaching geography!

MamaB said...

How cool!!! And you went around the world?? Wow!

LittleBGCG said...

I used to get this set in the mail that came with a mystery you had to solve and info about a certain place and it was SO much fun! I wish I remembered what it was!

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