Friday, January 14, 2011

This Momma is Now Homeschooling :)

Well I am at least for the next 8 months ;)  I am not sure I have it in me to do it for the next 20 years like my mother in-law did!  For now, Z is now enrolled in "Adventure Preschool".  There are two students in this school (Z and C) and we are going to learn about anything and everything we want :)  Z and I made a list the other day of all of the wonderful things we want to learn about and I am busy planning out activities, crafts, games and trips around these topics.  It is helping to tap into that creative, teacher spirit that has been in hibernation over the last few years :) 

So what happened??  Well to make a long story a little bit shorter.....we are no longer satisfied with Z's preschool.  They have major communication issues (we dealt with this back when Z broke his leg) and are a bit apathetic to parent concerns around a certain child in the class who has violent outbursts and fits of aggression.  S and I felt that the classroom was no longer a place where Z felt safe (or we felt safe sending him) and after counsel with a child psychologist, a lawyer and family and friends, we made the difficult decision to pull him out. 

We did not want our son to be exposed to the violent behaviors and language coming from a certain student on our dime.  This is a private school and does not have the resources that are needed to deal with a child like this.  Z is the second child to be pulled out this year and the school seems unphased by it.  This child has choked (the little girl had red marks on her neck), hit, punched, kicked, tripped, told students that he was going to stab them until they were dead, told Z he was going to step on his head until he was dead and so much more.  He seems a bit unstable and I feel the school is doing the poor child a diservice by pretending that they can handle him when they do not have the services that a public school would have (guidance counselors, therapists, psychologists etc.).  I feel very badly for the child and his family and hope that when he goes to Kindergarten next year, he will get the services he needs.  For now, I don't need my child being part of their experiment to fix the child's issues with love.  They actually said that by surrounding this child by loving and caring children, they feel that he can overcome some of his challenges.  Well I am sorry but my child will not be one of those guinea pigs anymore. 

I could go on and on but I will stop.  It is time to put this entire thing behind me and focus on this beautiful gift I have been given.....the gift of time to learn and play with my children.  I know it won't be easy but I am filling our week with play dates, fun projects, play time, our music classes and adventures.  I hope you will come along with us for the ride :)


Connie said...

Oh man. That is unacceptable!

So glad that you got Z out of there!

Mommy Lisa said...

Holy WOW. I cannot believe that is happening and they are not helping that child. And he CHOKED another student?

Biting by toddlers is one thing, but actual physical violence? Don't they have rules?


Annie said...

You did the right thing. Z is going to be safe with you and he is little to deal with those things.

I'm going to be here always to learn and read about your homeschooling.

Enjoy the weekend.

BJ_Mama said...

Oh, I pray that you have TONS of FUN Teaching! I know I would not be able to home-school, and I respect all who do! I'm glad you and your hubby were able to make the right decision for your precious little lamb!

Mom said...

If you need anything, let me know. I have lots of stuff you can use.

Anything for my little guy!

MamaB said...

So glad that Z is out of that environment!! But sad that this "school" is not doing its responsiblity to protect the other students and particularly this student. Turning a blind eye on a dangerous situation can only lead to trouble. Hopefully one day this child will get the attention that he/she needs or he will seriously injure someone.

Okay...enough on that, I actually have been waiting to see when you would start homeschooling Z and Lil C, with your background and all the fun activities that you do with your kids I think this will be a very sucessful and rewarding adventure!

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