Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Family Resolutions

New Years Eve morning, we went out for a family breakfast and each shared our New Years resolutions :)  Here they are:

Z said that he wanted to "work" to earn money for a cash register by drawing pictures for people.

S said that he wanted to find more balance in his life and start living by the motto, "Work Hard, Play Hard".  Right now he just works way too hard :(

I said that I wanted to continue to work to find balance in my life by finding more time for myself, continue my quest to become a "Rational Minimalist" and help my family be as healthy and happy as we can be. 

Lil C said "glable able, lable bla dada".  We think that this means she wants to finally sleep through the night on a regular basis, grow the rest of her teeth in a painless way and not throw anymore temper tantrums :)  What do you think she said??


crumthekid said...

I think C's resolution sounds right on. We would hope for the same in our house :) I love your blog, Jess, and love how much love and effort you are putting into raising kind and thoughtful children - I will definitely use you as my mommy role model :)

Mommy Lisa said...

Oh TEMPER TANTRUMS. We have been having some dooozies at our house. So much so that I threatend to CANCEL our Chuck E. Cheese birthday party this Sunday. :(

Connie said...

I had to make resolutions for my husband....and so far he's doing great!

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