Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Favorite Baby Signs

I have been signing with Lil C since she was 6 months old and though she doesn't always use her signs (she often cries out in frustration and then signs when reminded), they do make our lives a little easier.  She is good about telling me when she is all done, wants more, wants milk, is excited for her bath, something is too hot, sees a dog (or any other animal because everything is dog to her) and so many more.  My favorite signs are please, thank you and love and my heart melts every time she uses them.  She will now sign please while waiting for her milk, sign and say "tank you" when I give it to her and walks around signing love whenever she hears the word.  It is so darn cute and I can't wait until she signs love on her own.  I will never forget when Z did it unprompted, it was a very special night for S and I.

For those of you with little ones under 2, I highly recommend using Baby Signs.  There are many programs out there but we use this one and it works very well for our family.  Z is learning his signs all over again and he is Lil' C's favorite teacher :)  Signing is a wonderful way to help your young child learn to communicate their wants, needs and interests before they can speak.  It is scientifically proven that children who learn to sign usually learn to speak and read before their non-signing peers.  It is a jumpstart for language and a natural way for parent and child to communicate.  It is truly magical!

*This post was written from my own experiences.  I was not asked to review the Baby Signs program by the company, I just wanted to share our own experiences.  I apologize for all the amazon links, I can't get rid of them :)*


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