Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our First Snow Day of 2011 in Pictures

 January 12, 2011
 Snow at 9am
Indoor Snow Fun
 The Indoor Snowman I made for S
 cuddling up with our snow books
Music Time
 Annie's Mac and Cheese...a family favorite (well except for Z, he doesn't like anything....)
 Painting Winter Scenes
 We used Salt to give the effect of snow
 our masterpieces
 game time
 playing with Z's BK hamsters 
(he got these in December and we made this house for them in December and he won't let me get rid of it ;)).
 Daddy takes a break from working
 Mount Z :)
 I remember when snow use to seem this deep.....
 Lil' C and I made apple muffins to warm them up :) 
 Our Snow words to go with our pictures

Snow at 2pm


The first of our many Home Schooling Days.

did I mention that S and I pulled Z out of school for the rest of the year??  

A Blog Post for another day.....oh the drama ;)


blueviolet said...

You made that SUCH a fun day!

Connie said...

No. You didn't mention that. Can't wait to hear about it.

We played in the snow yesterday. It was cold.

I love the snow words!

Mom said...

Great Picturing and Writing! I miss that.

Annie said...

What a fun day with different activities. And nope, you didn't mention anything about homeschooling.

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