Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentines Day Countdown

When searching for Advent Calendar ideas this past Christmas, I came across an idea for a Valentine's Day Countdown :)  We LOVE holidays and so this idea seemed like the perfect thing to perk up the dreary days of winter.  S has asked me to stop giving gifts on Valentines Day (I already had them bought, got them on sale after Christmas but will save them) and so this countdown is filled with activities and adventures.  I can't wait until February 1st!

Here is what each envelop says....

1.  Send your Valentines Today and read a Valentines Story
2.  Make Hearts :)
3,  Good Deed Day
4.  Candy heart bingo
5.  A Special Winter Adventure today with your family who loves you!
6.  Play a game with someone you love and a special adventure with mommy
7.  Write a letter to someone you love
8.  Valentines Day Adventure
9.  Call someone and tell them you love them
10.  Work on the Valentines Day Party
11.  Bake some valentine cookies
12.  Movie Night :)
13.  It’s a special day with two people you love!  (an adventure with Neene and Chi Chi :))
14.  Happy Valentines Day!!!  It is time to party with N, C and L!


crumthekid said...

Jess, you are such a creative mom - I am thinking of stealing this - it's only 14 days; I think I can handle that... Also, read your comment about C's sleep... I can't stand the middle of the night screaming either - hence why my Z is still in my bed :)

Annie said...

Love the idea. Thanks for sharing.

Connie said...

That's awesome!! I love it!

I wish we were neighbors....

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