Monday, January 10, 2011

Gifts from Lil' C

My precious baby girl gave me two gifts this holiday season and both were so very special.  This child is so connected to those around her, it was almost as if she had heard me when I asked for these two very things to happen around Christmas.

I had told S a few weeks before Christmas that I wanted to wean my little darling around Christmas.  She would be 14 months at that point and I felt it was the perfect time to finish.  My friend Sey and my sister L thought that this was a crazy time to wean a baby.  As my friend Sey said, "They suggest that smokers wait until the craziness of the holidays are behind them before they give up smoking, shouldn't you do the same with breastfeeding?".  I knew she was right and decided to wait until after New Years to give up the final feeding.

Well on her 14 month birthday (3 days before Christmas), I went into nurse my little angel and she flat out refused me.  It was as if she had heard my hope and decided to make it happen (or maybe she just wanted to end things on her terms ;).  Regardless, she refused me and never nursed again! 

Her second gift was the gift of sleep :)  I had told S that all I wanted for Christmas was to sleep through the night.  Guess who slept through the night for the first time ever on Christmas Eve????  Yes, can you believe it??  She didn't do it again after that but on Christmas Eve she gave me a full nights sleep.  I think she knew Santa was watching :)

Those were the beautiful gifts that my daughter gave me for precious gifts for her tired mommy :)


Mommy Lisa said...

That's so sweet.

Annie said...

Special gifts from her.

Connie said...

Wow...she is paying attention! Now ask her again for some sleep!

Little said...

I can't believe C is already 14 months! Crazy

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