Thursday, June 26, 2008

Date Night (at Home)

S and I have had to create date nights at home over the last 2 years. Between S's busy schedule and having to find childcare for is just easier to have a date at the house. We usually cook a special meal, open a bottle of wine and just talk.

Yesterday afternoon, I emailed S and told him we needed to have a date night. S agreed and we decided to BBQ and build our first fire in the fire pit I got for S for Father's Day :)

Z has been off with his nap/sleep schedule, so he was not sleepy at 7pm when we were ready to eat. Z joined us for our "romantic" dinner and was tucked away in bed by 8:30....just in time for our fire. We lit the fire and talked and talked until bed. It was wonderful :) There is something about a fire that says "summer". We roasted marshmallows, drank our wine and talked about our summer plans. It was perfect! I look forward to many more fires this summer :)


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