Monday, June 9, 2008

Hazy, Hot and Humid

Well we are coming up on day three of a heatwave! We still have today and tomorrow to suffer through. We are in the Northeast and it takes us a while to get use to any new type of weather. The first snowstorm people are stocking up on bread and milk (still not sure why those are the two most important food items to stock up on...they both don't last too long in a power outage) and driving off the roads as if they have never seen snow. The first heatwave and everyone is at Home Depot buying large AC's and giant fans.

To be fair to everyone in this was blanket and fireplace weather on Friday and then the heat rolled in like nobody's business on Saturday. It is HOT!
We do not have central air or a pool. My family has a cottage on a lake and we are fortunate to be able to use that for a few weeks in the summer. The rest of the summer we huddle around our three AC units, hang out at my sisters house (she has central air) or play in Z's plastic pool :)

Z had his Summer Birthday yesterday (this is where he gets part of his birthday presents from us and my parents early so that he can enjoy them during the summer) and so he got a water table (he loves it!!!), some things for his swing set, a fire engine sprinkler and a picnic table!!! I am so excited about all of his gifts and can't wait to play with them (I AM such a kid Mom!).

As for the rest of the hot and sticky weekend....we spent Saturday installing our AC units and then went to Fenway for an afternoon game (nothing like sticking to your seat). Sunday was spent playing with Z's water table, S went to a Home Owner's Environmental Conference (trying to figure out how to make our home for energy efficient) and we had the Family June Birthday Party (Z and his cousin G got their summer birthday gifts then). It was a really great weekend, despite the heat. Today, I am hoping to mooch off my sister's mother in-law and hang out in her new pool :) Stay cool everybody!


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