Sunday, June 15, 2008

My 100th Post--A Tribute to S and Z

Well as a former elementary school teacher, the 100th day of school was a HUGE deal. I feel it is only right to make my 100th post a HUGE deal as well :)

For Christmas I made S a calendar called "Z Loves Daddy". It had pictures of them and then one reason why Z loved Daddy for every day. It was quite a challenge to come up with 365 good reasons why Z loved his Daddy (he was only 14 months at the time) but I was creative and pulled it off. So in the spirit of that calendar, I have decided to list 100 reasons why I love Z and S in honor of my 100th post! If it weren't for them, there would be no Raising Z :) I love you guys and Happy Father's Day S!

1. I love their kind hearts
2. I love their enthusiasm
3. I love their big beautiful eyes (they have the same eyes)
4. I love when S cooks anything
5. I love when Z says "salsha"
6. I love when Z looks at me and then we burst out laughing
7. I love the way S is so patient with both Z and I
8. I love how understanding S is
9. I love how excited Z gets when it is time for a bath
10. I love watching Z conquer new obstacles and challenges
11. I love to listen to S philosophize and ponder the world's issues
12. I love S's conspiracy theories
13. I love their hugs
14. I love how Z gets scared when the garage door opens and runs into my arms
15. I love when S and I chat about our hopes and dreams
16. I love Z's giggle
17. I love how important Family is to S
18. I love cuddling with Z to read or watch TV
19. I love that Z likes the Family Feud and how he claps along
20. I love to watch S and Z dance
21. I love how happy S gets after a few glasses of wine
22. I love how Z says "good-bye" to everything
23. I love to hear Z giggle in his swing
24. I love how Z smells after a bath
25. I love to listen to S sing
26. I love S's awesome shoulder rubs
27. I love how hard S works at improving our home
28. I love that when I leave a room for awhile, I come back in and Z says "There's Momma!"
29. I love to cuddle up and read books to Z
30. I love their kisses
31. I love how Z body slams Curious G and then gives him a great big bear hug
32. I love when I make S laugh so hard that he starts to giggle and his eyes shut
33. I love to watch S play the guitar
34. I love how Z says "Buhhhlwoooowoooowooowzer"
35. I love to watch S write computer code (weird I know)
36. I love that S understands that I need nights out with my friends
37. I love that S gets so serious when he throws a side arm pitch
38. I love to go on vacation with my guys
39. I love Z's little dimples
40. I love the little sigh Z gives when he gives you a hug
41. I love how Z bends over onto his head and throws balls through his legs
42. I love seeing S walk through the door every night
43. I love S's smile (big toothy grin)
44. I love that S can talk to anyone and you never have to worry about him at a party
45. I love how Z pats your back when you hold him
46. I love how Z says milk "esno"
47. I love that S gets so fired up about politics and current events
48. I love to watch Z play with his little friends
49. I love to watch S play guitar with my dad or his friend J
50. I love being able to sit and do nothing with S and still have a good time
51. I love grocery shopping with Z and snacking on chex
52. I love driving and looking for trucks or construction sites with Z
53. I love playing the "what if you won the lottery" game with S on long car trips
54. I love shopping for both of my guys
55. I love how Z says "shunowerbutter" (sunflower butter)
56. I love watching Z sleep
57. I love when S gets up on his own in the morning!
58. I love how quickly z picked up on signing and fish was my favorite sign
59. I love how helpful S is around the house
60. I love taking family trips to Home Depot
61. I love playing board games with S
62. I love how non competitive S is
63. I love to watch Z draw with sidewalk chalk
64. I love to watch Z run!!!
65. I love that S and Z love the lake as much as I do
66. I love to kayak with S
67. I love to play horsey with Z
68. I love S's family!!
69. I love S's sense of adventure
70. I love how Z zones out when he watches george
71. I love to watch Z snuggle in his crib right before bed
72. I love that family is so important to S
73. I love to watch Z splash in the water
74. I love how Z points out all of the things in his room when I go to get him in the morning
75. I love that S is so honest
76. I love how cute S is when he gets his haircut
77. I love to watch Z eat his food (so messy)
78. I love to hear Z say "mama"
79. I love that S and I have similar taste in food
80. I love to hear Z giggle during the monkey book
81. I love our group hugs
82. I love to go on road trips together
83. I love to watch S read Z bedtime books
84. I love that S and I make decisions together
85. I love that they are both so much fun!
86. I love going out to eat with S
87. I love when Z runs around like a crazy person
88. I love how Z's voice goes up when he says "moon"
89. I love S's calm way
90. I love Z's sense of adventure
91. I love to see Z's face light up when he sees the stars at night
92. I love that S is my best friend
93. I love S and Z's crazy morning hair
94. I love their energy
95. I love to chat with S over a glass of wine at dinner
96. I love Z's little pot belly
97. I love how excited Z gets when S comes home and how he runs to the basketball hoop
98. I love how supportive S is and how hard he works so I can stay home
99. I love my zen time with Z in the morning, sitting on the couch and eating breakfast
100. I love my two guys so much, they are such wonderful people!!!!


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