Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer TV

Am I the only one who loves bad summer TV??? I think the writers strike and my getting rid of expanded cable (and DVR) has made me so use to mediocre TV, that I actually like these crazy summer programs! I live for the Bachelorette.....it is by far my favorite summer show. Everything stops when it is on and I think even S likes it (you can usually find him by my side on a break from working while it is on :)). I will be lost on Monday nights without DeAnna!!!

My other guilty pleasures this summer have been Farmer Wants a Wife (so bad....like watching a train wreck....I can't look away), Supernanny (flip back and forth between this and Farmer....I hope Jo never comes to my house!), Wife Swap (another train wreck of a show) and America's Next Top Model.

I am so looking forward to I survived a Japanese Game Show and did you hear that Celebrity Family Feud is coming to Prime Time tonight???? I might have to let Z stay up!!!!

There is talk of an actors strike looming....that means summer TV might be extended into the fall.....that's okay with me because I will still have my Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars. And I am sure they have already filmed a bunch of episodes of the new 90210 that is coming out! As a huge fan of the old show, you know I will be checking this out :) After all, Aunt Becky from Full House is on it ;)

BTW.....S has been working consulting at night and so I have been left to my TV to keep me company...usually we don't watch that much TV :)


Anonymous said...

I love DeAnna! I am hooked and was shocked she got rid of Graham, but she made the right choice. Who are you rooting for? I like Jason!

Raising Z said...

I too am hoping she picks Jason but I don't know if she is ready for a kid....it will be interesting ;)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, she seemed the most comfortable with that family.


A Buns Life said...

I love biggest loser, but always feel compelled to eat ice cream while watching it for some strange reason.....I had NO idea about 90210! We will have to check it out! My hubby LOVED the first one....I did too, but by the time it was ending, I didn't really care if I watched it or not, but he watched it till the bitter end. Melrose too. shhh. That's a secret. :)

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