Friday, June 6, 2008

Yes Zachary, That is your Male Body Part

Okay, I am sorry for the wimpy title. It is not that I am a prude, I am just afraid that if I type the actual P word then my blog will come up for all sorts of weird search terms! I don't want to go there :) So for the purpose of this blog article, we will call Z's male organ "his piece of toast" ;)

So a few months ago Z discovered his "piece of toast". It was in the bathtub and so I told him what the proper name was. He loved this new word and began saying it over and over. The next diaper change with S, he shared his new word. I think S was very impressed ;) Z's love for his "piece of toast" has become a bit of an obsession....I mean sometimes he says good-bye to it after a bath or when we put on a new diaper!

The other day, Z discovered that S too has a "piece of toast". S was getting dressed and Z ran over and yelled "Dadda, your piece of toast!". S tried not to laugh at the awe in Z's voice and told Z that yes he too had his very own "piece of toast". This made Z so happy :)

Now I am waiting for the day (I am sure it is coming soon) when Z asks me where my "piece of toast" is. I am so not ready for this, after all I was one of three girls growing up and don't know what to make of any of this boy stuff :) It is all new to me!


GoMommy said...

That's how it starts! Then they never STOP thinking about it!

jnoel said...

HAHA!!! You just wait! A now asks me why I have two 'bums' instead of a 'piece of toast'

boys will be boys!!!

Michelle said...

I can tell you from experience that your "piece of toast" will not be nearly as fascinating to him as his and his dads. He will ask about it and look at you with a weird look and walk away. You might get the "ooooh mommy you forgot to wash your ***" the first time he sees it but it will not hold his attention at all.....well at least until he's a man. :0

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