Monday, June 2, 2008

Toddler Tailgating

Well Z tailgated for the first time on Friday :) We got our lunch, parked across the street from a construction site and had a picnic while watching the trucks! It was so cute, we even got smiles from the construction workers. We had the hatch up, used his pack n play mattress as a cushion and enjoyed the scene. There were bulldozers, excavators (diggers as Z calls them), a backhoe loader, dump trucks and pick up trucks. Six months ago I could only identify a dump truck, now I can name most any truck...I know you are jealous!

It was a very fun outing and we will have to do it again before they are finished with the site. I told Z were were going on a date and he kept saying "day" over and over. It was the perfect little date for this mom and her toddler :)


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