Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Need Sleep!!!!!!

Well this is going to have to be quick....I am on my way to bed :) The reason I have been MIA is that I went on my former elementary school's trip to Washington DC. I had a blast with my former students, their parents and catching up with all of my friends. I have lots of fun pictures to share as well as a few stories but I really need to get to bed. I got 12 hours of sleep in three nights (I need 8-10 hours a night), walked all over DC and spent 25 hours on a bus this week. I am exhausted!!! I really wish it was possible to catch up on sleep. S and I napped for 2 hours today while Z napped....not enough! I think I could have slept until morning :)

I will fill you in more on my trip and my very busy weekend later ;) Sleep well!


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