Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Toddler Rainy Day Fun

Well it is raining and that leads to an important question....what do I do with Z??? Since the weather has gotten warmer, we spend most of our time outside and this makes rainy days very challenging...he wants to be "ousiiii"!!!!! So on these days, I take a deep breath and try to reintroduce him to toys that he has not seen in a long time or find fun things to do.

Lately one of our favorite things to do is build a fort. We use our parachute (a sheet would work just fine) and the dining room chairs to make the fort and then get lots of pillows and all of Z's puzzles, books and trucks. It is so relaxing and cozy to play with his toys under our fort. It is a nice break for me to lie down and read to him.

Another thing we like to do on a rainy day is play with Play-Doh. I love this duffle bag, it is the perfect combination of tools and dough and it stores nicely in the bag. When I first introduced Play-Doh, Z used if for about 5 minutes. Each time I take it out, he gets a little more into it. Today he played with it for 20 minutes!

Our last favorite rainy day activity is to play with bubbles. These are the best bubbles in the whole world! They have some sort of plastic in them (don't worry they are non-toxic) so they last forever. I have had bubbles last for 3 days :) I am a crazy mom with a carpeted playroom so I don't mind blowing bubbles in the house. If you have hardwood not use these bubbles inside! It says right on the bottle that they can leave marks on wood so keep it away from your nice wood furniture too.

Well those are some of the activities that we like to do on rainy days :) Please share what you do to keep your tots busy when they are itching to be "ousiiiii"!!!!


GoMommy said...

My boys are 4 and 6 and play-doh will keep them busy for a solid hour or more! I love it!

Mom said...

You and your sisters use to build forts out of sheets, blankets and the cushions off the couch. You are still a kid at heart. Z is very lucky!

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