Friday, June 13, 2008

"Survey Says...."

So now that the secret is out, I guess it is okay to share it with the world.....

Z and I love the Family Feud! It started out so innocently and now it has become quite a guilty pleasure (obsession??).

A few months back Z woke up from a nap very crabby. Nothing would calm him and so I turned on the television. We have your very basic cable so not much was on at 3 in the afternoon....that is except the Family Feud. We started to watch and Z calmed down instantly and I got sucked in. I started to play along, talk to the TV and Z was clapping like madman along with the show. It was so much fun!!!

From that day on I would only turn on the Family Feud if he woke up cranky or we were feeling sluggish. That 30 minutes of family fun was the perfect medicine for us to recharge and get ready for our LONG afternoon.

Well as of late, the Family Feud gets turned on whether Z is cranky or not :) After his nap Z grabs the remote, hops up on the couch and tries to find his favorite game show. I always pretend that we shouldn't but then I find myself helping him find the right channel and shushing him during the play for "Fast Cash". It is so BAD!

Well nobody really knew about this ritual until yesterday. After nap Z and I turned on the Family Feud but instead of crazy families fighting for money with John O'Hurley there was Phil Mickelson putting in the US Open. Z looked at me with a strange face. I explained to him that golf was on instead of our show.....he was surprisingly okay with this.

Well I went out last night and S found Z on the couch struggling with the remote. S decided to humor him and turned on the TV. S was flipping through the channels when what should he find???? The Family Feud! Z jumped up and said "There it is!" and started clapping away. S looked at him funny and wondered why Z was so excited about this silly game show. Well when I got home he shared this story and I burst out laughing. I had to come clean about our almost daily dose of family fun.

Mark my words, someday you will see Z and I competing with three other family members for $20,000!!!! I think a practice game will determine who in the family is worthy to join us :)


GoMommy said...

Too funny! It's sweet, and probably more the time you spent together than the actual show. (My boys like the "Whammy Show"- Press Your Luck. So funny.

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