Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day Daddy

Well because of the timing of my 100th father's day tribute had to be delayed until today. Sorry Dad!!!

In honor of Father's Day I wanted to just write a little about why my daddy is so special to me.

My dad is the proud Pappa of 3 girls. I am the oldest and then there are my sisters L and K. I truly believe that my dad is one of the few men in the world that was happy to have three girls instead of a boy. Even if he secretly wished he had had a boy, you would never know it. He loves us so very much and has always encouraged our various interests.

My dad loves sports and lucky for him we do too! We all played basketball, softball, K ran track, I played soccer, K and L played field hockey, K played lacrosse and I played golf. Maybe all of this was why daddy didn't care if he had a boy or not ;) He shares a love for the Pats with K and a Yankee/Red Sox rivalry with me! He coached our softball and basketball teams growing up, attended all of my sisters college field hockey games and always made sure he was at as many of our games as he could get to (which was most of them).

My Noni (mom's mom) told me awhile back that she was so proud of my dad. She said he was one of the best dads in the world because family comes first for him. This couldn't be more true. He worked so hard so that he could be at as many of our games as he could be, he sat through my sisters LONG dance recitals and he saved up money so that we could go on fun family vacations. Family is everything to my dad (and mom too)!

My dad has always been proud of my musical "talent" and really loved that I stuck with the flute from 5th-9th grade. He actually paid me $20 to stick with band in High School (yes I was a band geek) and I am so grateful that he did. Junior year when I switched from flute to tuba he told me that "only tubby kids played the tuba" ;) I switched anyway and I know he was proud when I went left and the rest of the band went right during my first marching band exhibition with my tuba (can't hide with a tuba) :)

He then encouraged me to keep up with my music in college but suggested to me that rather than telling my new friends that I was going to band rehearsal, to tell them that I was going to the gym. He said to "run around the dorm a few times to get nice and sweaty so that they will believe you". Lucky for me I found friends who had been band geeks in high school too and appreciated my desire to play in college :) Dad was there with all my friends for my first tuba solo....When the Saints Go Marching In. That ended up being my last tuba solo and band concert and Dad supported me with that decision.

Dad, you have been such a influential person in all of our lives. We so appreciate all that you do for us and love how accepting you have been of our three guys :) They feel so comfortable around you because you treat them more like friends then son in-laws. Your grandchildren adore you and light up when you walk into the room!

Dad, Thanks for being you and for loving us all these years. I know we are responsible for every gray hair on your head but know that we love you and wouldn't be the people we are today without you and mom!!! Happy Father's Day!!!!


GoMommy said...

Very sweet. Your dad sounds great, almost as good as mine ;)! There really is some truth to "Daddy's Girl", isn't there?

Mom said...

I will make sure Dad reads this when he gets home from LA.
We are truly proud of all of you and are so grateful that we didn't screw any of you up too much with our parenting.
As you and your readers know, there are lots of classes to take and degrees to obtain before you can do almost anything in this world, from learning to drive to becoming a professional in any field.
However, there is nothing to teach or prepare you for raising a child, which has to be the most important job on this earth.
So, when Dad and I can look at what the three of you have accomplished and the men you have chosen to spend the rest of your lives and raise your children with, we realize that even without the smallest amount of training we did a pretty good job. The three of you, our son-in-laws and our beautiful grandchildren are the joys of our lives, and we are so proud and happy to continue to be part of yours.

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