Saturday, June 28, 2008

Race Day

Well I woke up this morning feeling sluggish and not my best. I dragged myself out of bed and motivated S and Z to do the same. We got ready in record time and headed out to my 5K. The whole way there I was sick to my stomach (always am before a race). I just wanted to beat last years time (27:11) and knew that with the training I was doing, I should be able to. This was my last 5K until late fall because I have to start training for my summer 10K and 1/2 marathon.

S and Z walked me to the start line and gave me a kiss for good luck. This song started to play on my ipod and all of the nervous chatter died out around me. This song is always the way I start a relaxes me :) I could barely hear the starting gun and felt the crowd move around me. I started to run, reminding myself to keep it steady for the first mile or so. I searched for my space within the crowd...passing people as I searched. I finally found my stride and my spot and ran along with this man in a blue shirt. I stuck with him until mile 1 and then passed him on a hill (all my hill training had paid off). I then searched for a new running partner. I found her up ahead wearing a red tank top....I caught up with her at about the half way mark and stayed with her for a bit.

At mile 2 I rounded the corner, thanked her in my head, and quietly moved on. My next partner was in blue and was really putting me through my paces. I stuck with her until there was about a quarter of a mile to go. At that point I could see the finish line (the Town Hall) and did not need a running partner anymore. I skipped to this song on my ipod and ran like Hell. I always sprint this last leg of every run (my neighbors must think I am nuts). Then I saw the clock 24:38.....I had to beat 25 minutes!!! If I did it would be a new personal record (my old time was 24:58 from 2005 but I think that course was only 3 miles). I gave it all I had and came in at 24:49 :)!!!! Tears rolled down my face.

Now for some this time would not be that impressive but for took a lot of hard work. It took months of getting up 4 days a week at 5:45am to get that time :) S and Z came to give me a big congratulatory hug and some water. What a sweet personal victory :) Now I am after my dad's PR of 22:38 :)


GoMommy said...

Congrats on a great time! I haven't ran a 5K in sub 23 min. since I was in high school! That's awesome!

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