Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The "Birthday Duck"

Z was given this duck in the hospital by my sister K. She gave this duck a lot of love as she sat in the hospital waiting room, anxious to find out if she was going to have a new niece or nephew (it was her first time becoming an Auntie). This duck then became a big part of Z's life (as is his Auntie K). Every month (from 1-12) we would pose him with the duck and a sign that said how old he was. Once the month "birthdays" were over, we switched it up to years. He now poses with the duck every year on his birthday and will do this until he is 18 (yes it will probably require force after while :)). Here are a few of the shots we have had over the last two years :)

We got this brilliant idea from my friend K and her daughter A. My sister L now does it with my niece and a stuffed lion that my sister K gave her in the hospital :) I highly recommend it to anyone with a new baby! Another twist on this tradition is a pair of jeans. I gave my best friend L a pair of 18 year old girl jeans when she was pregnant. She then takes pictures with her daughter wearing the jeans on every birthday. It is very cute ;)


carrie said...

What a cute way to document his growth! He's bigger than the duck now! So, so cute. :)

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