Monday, October 27, 2008

Guess Who Got Boo'd???

Z and I were busy playing "Neighborhood Sounds Bingo" (love that game) when the doorbell rang. We both looked at each other and then ran to the door. When we opened the door there was nobody to be found (except my friend J running away to her car :)) but our porch was filled with wonderful "BOO" items and a ghost sign to put on our door!

Z and I went out onto the porch (I waved good-bye to J) and examined all of the wonderful treats. There was a large plastic pumpkin filled with stickers, glow sticks and a matchbox car. Then laid out on the porch there was a pumpkin Magna doodle, a "Finding Nemo" color wonder activity book, a box of Halloween cake mix with frosting and a "Handy Manny" picture book. It was the PERFECT "BOO" for Z and he was so excited!

We hung the ghost on our door to show the world that somebody loves us this Halloween and we came inside. Z immediately started to say "Open". As we opened and explored each item, I asked him if he knew why he was given these wonderful treats. He said..."for Halloweeeeen". I said that he was right and that somebody thought he was very special. I then asked if he knew who had "Boo'd" him. He started to guess names....Daddy, Grace, Auntie Water, Marc, Neene....I then told him that I thought it was a friend of his, maybe someone from Kindermusik and Playgroup. I told him that we would look at all of our friends in Kindermusik on Wednesday and try to find out who "boo'd" us :) He smiled. We then called S and he giggled and squealed as he shared with him that he had been "boo'd" for "Halloweeeeeen".

This is such a fun tradition for both the kids and grownups. I think it is just as much fun to create and drop off a "boo" as it is to receive one. We have already agreed to do it again next year! Thanks J, A and O for a great "Boo" and Happy Halloween to you!!!


A Buns Life said...

Holy cow! Now THAT'S a BOO!

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