Monday, October 6, 2008

The Perfect Play Date

In my two years of play dates....I have never ever experienced one quite like the play date I had the other day with my friend K and her daughter A. I have had many great play dates where the children all get along and play nicely side by side. What made this play date different from all the rest is that Z and A actually PLAYED together! They not only played together, they chatted with one another and made up games together. It was unlike anything I have ever seen :)

K and I were in the playroom chatting and could hear the two kids in the family room having a conversation! We came around the corner to find them "talking" about Z's birthday. A wanted to sing to him and they were going on and on (most of it not English) about his birthday :) was so cute. They then played with lots of different toys together. The final thing that absolutely amazed us was that they started their own chase game! They were running after one another in fits of giggles. It was too darn cute :)

K and I were actually able to visit and have a conversation!!! Something we haven't really been able to do since the children were born (except for at MNO's :)). It was sooooo nice!

A was 2 in June and I guess Z just digs older women ;) He also loves to play with my BF's daughter N. However some of the younger women in his life (A and G) he is either hot or cold is very strange. He is going to have to get over this hot/cold reaction to the younger women or else he is going to have a very hard time finding a date to the prom :) Z will be one of the oldest boys in his class so he better start to love the younger ladies or he is going to be in big trouble ;)


MOM said...

Not ready to think about Z or G being ready for dating, especially not the prom! I am just accepting that Z is two and G is one. To me they are still babies.

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