Friday, October 10, 2008

Gaga's Is Going Out Of Business!!!!

I am so sad about this :( This website was an amazing concept and I have used it many times. For those of you know have no idea what I am talking about....Gaga's was a website where you can rent formal wear for children. I wrote a blog post about this site back in March and so you can read more about me going gaga for Gaga's website here.

Z is in two weddings this winter and both my sister and sister in-law had picked out outfits on the Gagas site. Well as sad as I am about them going out of business...the good news is that you can now buy the outfit for the same price that you would have rented it. I just spent $50 on their site (if you spend $50 you get free shipping) and bought Z a tux for the weddings, socks and a nice charcoal suit in a bigger size for next years formal events.

If you have events coming up or just want to stock up on cheap formal is your chance! I would act quickly because things are starting to sell out already. I wish that the site had worked was a brilliant idea! Sorry Gaga's!!!


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