Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Was It A Sign To Slow Down???

My sister's bridal shower is this weekend and I have been running around trying to get ready for it. My poor Z has been dragged from store to store as I try to complete the last minute details for the party. There is booze to purchase, favors to make, gifts to buy and I am also making 2 gifts for has all been making me a little crazy. It is so worth it but I do feel bad for dragging Z around or ignoring him as I try to finish the favors.

This morning after Kindermusik, we had one hour to get to the mall, pick up K's gift which had been back ordered, drive through BK to get Z some healthy chix for lunch and then get home in time for nap. As I raced out of Kindermusik (without saying good-bye to my friends), I decided to stop for an ice coffee. As we waited in line Z was chanting, "doh-doh". I told him that there would be no doh-doh's today and handed him a cracker instead. The lady handed me my change and then my coffee. I tried to put my change away while still holding my coffee when......the coffee lid popped off and I was drenched in iced coffee!!! The girl tried to hold back her giggles as I looked down at my wet pants in disbelief. I handed her the empty cup and asked her for another and some extra napkins. When she returned, I was scooping up ice and throwing it out the window. I took the new coffee (which ended up being disgusting!!!) and smiled and said, "at least it wasn't hot coffee". She said good-bye and wished me a better day.

As I debated whether it would be better to go to a cheap store and buy a pair of cheap pants or just go home and call the store where the item was being held and ask them to hold it for another day....I realized that this was a sign! SLOW DOWN!!! So I drove home, changed my pants and spent the next hour and a half playing trains and eating lunch with Zachary. The store told me that they would hold the gift for a little while longer :) Thank goodness because we are both tired of always rushing around ;)

6 Hours Later....

Okay, so it was a sign to SLOW DOWN:) I dragged Z to the mall this afternoon (he hates doing things after his nap) and once we got their his mood changed from teary to pleasant! We did our necessary shopping and then spent time leisurely strolling around the mall and taking in the sites :) We had a blast playing in the Disney Store, rode the elevator two times and had a yummy snack (which I brought from home) in the food court. It was a wonderful afternoon and I am so glad we waited.


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