Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weigh In Thursdays.....

Okay blog readers....I need your help. I have 2 weddings coming up and 12 pounds to lose so that I fit into my dresses!!! My 1/2 marathon training made my Weight Watchers program go out the window and after waisting money on it for 3 months...I really can't justify starting it up again. So that is where you come in (don't worry you don't have to do anything..... :)).

Every Thursday at 4pm (or as close to 4 as possible) I will weigh myself. I will then post how much weight I either gained or lost. Think of yourselves as those nice cheery ladies at Weight Watchers who stand behind the counter and smile as I sweat and shake on the scale :) I hope that by having to post my progress each will keep me motivated.

So here we are at the start....12.2 pounds to go. It will be tough to eat well with all of the delicious fall food and keep up my running as the weather gets colder but I am going to try my hardest :) However, I am going out with my BF tonight for maybe I will start tomorrow!


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