Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well...It Was Memorable!

The game last night did not disappoint in terms of being memorable. However it would have been nice for it to be memorable for a good reason. The final score was 13-4....our guys did not bring their A game and when you face a team as good as Tampa need to be come out strong. It was already 3-0 when we first found our seats...poor Wakefield gave up 3 runs while S and I were still in line getting our pizza and beer!

Despite the early blowout...S and I refused to leave. I would guess that 1/3 of the stadium left the game before the 7th inning. Another third was gone after the 8th. That left the few loyal and faithful fans....the true fans of Red Sox Nation :)

S and I had a good time last night, even if they lost. We were out on a date at one of my favorite places and it was nice to be able to have a conversation in between innings ;) We also got a lot of laughs when those fans left with us in the bleachers got very silly!

The TBS booth was above our section of the bleachers in Right Field. We got to see them all (Ernie Johnson, Dennis Eckersley, Cal Ripken Jr and Harold Reynolds) getting ready for the broadcast and these two kids in front of us made sure that they all saw us ;) They all waved and shouted down to us. But the highlight for me was during the 8th when I was looking back and staring at Cal Ripken Jr. I was in awe of how close he was to me and remembering how I had loved to watch him play (infact, I saw his last game ever at Fenway Park and saw him play 3 times that year at Camden Yard). As I was staring at him, he looked down at me....smiled and WAVED! Cal Ripken Jr. waved at me. It was awesome!!!! I think I will wear my Ripkin shirt today to celebrate our moment :)

Well boys...we have been in this situation before in the ALCS.....I know there are a lot of injuries but you can do this! Let's show this Tampa team what you are made of.

BTW...I saw ONE Tampa Fan last night. I don't think I have ever seen a Tampa fan at Fenway was weird.


Michelle said...

You are a devoted fan...just like me. Cal cool! You lucky girl. And hey the pulled through in the next game.

Was that Tampa fan a young girl? My little cousin (22) is dating BJ Upton. She works at the bar that all the players go to after the game.

On to Tampa....GO SOX!

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