Monday, October 13, 2008

Have You Been Boo'd???

Two years ago my best friend L called me and told me that she had been Boo'd. She explained that someone in her neighborhood had left a bag of Halloween Treats with a note. The note explained that they were to hang the paper ghost on their door to let the entire world know that someone cares about them and that they had been Boo'd. They then had to go and Boo someone else in the neighborhood. I thought that this was the cutest thing :)

Last year, my friend C and my sister also got Boo'd in their neighborhoods. This made me want to get Boo'd! But we live on a pretty busy street and our neighbors have children much too old to care about being Boo'd so poor Z (and his mommy) were out of luck. That was until I decided to go out on my own and find someone to BOO :)

My friend K lives on the same street, although she lives about 5 minutes away. I decided that Z and I were going to Boo she and her daughter A. Now a typical BOO contains candy and other Halloween goodies. I decided that since A was only one, her boo should be appropriate for her. I put together a bag of pasta and sauce (her favorite meal), cheerios, candy for mom and dad and some other Halloween toys and treats. Z and I pulled up to their house, I ran to the front door, rang the bell and then ran back to my car (I looked like an idiot). Her husband saw me through the window and the look on his face was priceless. He had no clue why I rang the bell and was running away from their house :)

Well a week later, Z got Boo'd. His fabulous package was designed just for him. At the time he hated baths and so the bag was filled with bath toys and other fun treats :)

It is that time of year again...this year we have our BOO already for K and A. We have decided to include our friend J and her twins A and O this year, they too live on our street. The bags contain no candy, just fun things to keep 2 year olds busy :) We have also decided to include the children this year in the actual BOO process. The mom will know when we are coming so that the child can answer the door and find the fabulous BOO gift :)

If your neighborhood participates in the BOO....enjoy! If you have never heard of it, this might just be the year to go out and BOO someone. It is lot's of fun!!!


A Buns Life said...

Our neighborhood is full of Booings! It is a lot of fun trying to guess who booed who and also everyone is really nice making sure that no one is left out. :)

Drama queens mum said...

That sounds like fun. I never heard of it before. I might do that this year.

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