Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Pirate Party to Remember

Last week Z and I had the honor of being part of a very special Pirate Party! One of the mom's in our Mothers Group had thrown the party for her son's 4 year old birthday and decided to do it one more time for the group. It was so much fun!

Z was a little young for some of the activities but he loved them all anyway :) He got to play a fun pirate ship running game, walk the foam plank, dig for treasure, eat snack on a "pirate ship", pop balloon cannons for prizes and take part in a fabulous pirate obstacle course.

Z had such a great time and he could not stop talking about it for two days. He kept saying "Arrrggghhh" and walking around with his new pirate hat and pirate telescope. It is so much fun to watch Z in action and see him experience something for the first time. I was super proud of my little pirate! Thanks C for a great party and so many great memories.


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