Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did You Really Deserve That Tip You TOOK???

Okay Dunkin Donuts Girl, let me ask you this....when someone orders a bottle of water and the total is $1.72 and they give you $2.02...don't you think they want their change back? Was my order of a bottle water so challenging that you think you deserved a tip? The least you could have done was ask me if I wanted my change!!! I know having that co-worker hand you that water and then you having to hand it to me was really exhausting for you....maybe you really do deserve that extra 30cents!

I know I am ranting over 30cents but that is not the point! This is the third time that a Dunkin Donuts employee has done this to me. One time it was 76cents that the kid tried to keep by throwing it in his tip jar. When I asked him for my change, he was so annoyed that he had to pull it out of the jar, that he threw my straw at me! Can you believe this??? The other time it happened it was only 20cents...but still. Tips should only be given for exemplary service and if the patron feels that it is deserved.

I hate that we live in a society where people think that tips are owed to them. I am a little more understanding when it comes the professions where they make most of their money based on their tips (waitressing, hair dressing etc.). I don't think the girl at Dunkin Donuts who handed me a bottle of water deserves a tip! I rarely tip at those types of establishments (call me cheap) but money is tight these days and I should be the one to decide who gets my money!
I am a change person, I save my change all year and then at Christmas time I bring and cash it in for gift cards that I can use to buy gifts.

S asked me why I didn't ask the girl for my 30cents....I was honestly too shocked by the force with which she threw my change into the jar and by the fact that she missed that I had given her the extra 2cents (so she would give me a nice nickel and quarter) that I couldn't speak.

I am finally so fed up that I plan to write a letter. I am sure it will get me nowhere but I can't take it anymore. Who knows, maybe they will send me my 50cents ;)


Michelle said...

ok, you struck a nerve with me here. I hate those tip cups. so much so that I refuse to put my change in them.

I love change too but I am sorry, I waitressed and bartended from age 16 until I was 33. I earned my money and my back pain proves it. I worked hard for my tips. I busted my back (literally) for those tips and handing someone a bottle or water, a cup of coffee or a donut does NOT constitute a tip!

It kills me that they have them at the drive through too! I made $2.01 and hour....most of my checks didn't even cover my insurance. The people at DD and any other place that has a cup is making well beyonnd $2.01 and hour.

I refuse to tip. Write that letter. Maybe the signs of "no tipping please" will go back. Sorry for the's a huge pet peeve of mine.

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