Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Own Little "Bob the Builder"

We had our town Halloween Parade this weekend. The weather was gorgeous, the kids were adorable...everything was just right. The parade was part of our town festival which I had volunteered to work. S and Z met me there because most of the festival was during Z's nap. Z arrived 5 minutes before the parade and when I first saw him in his costume my heart swelled.

About a month ago I asked him what he wanted to be. I gave him 3 choices....an elephant, a zebra or Bob. Well I was not surprised when he picked Bob :) I didn't want to go with the store bought Bob costume (too much money)...so I decided to put together my own. He got the most adorable overalls from by BF, L for his birthday, they have little tools on the front pocket :) A few weeks ago Z was give a hand-me-down Bob Shirt so that seemed liked the perfect shirt. Z already had a hard hat and tools but I really wanted theme music. That is when I found this! It not only has the hat and tools but it plays music too....it was perfect and Z loves it! The entire costume cost me $15 and he will use every part of it again and again....that made S and I happy :)

We have been building up Halloween and this parade all month. We have been reading books, creating Halloween crafts and singing Halloween songs. Z loves this holiday :) The day of the festival, I went to get him from S at the car. He was so proud to be finally wearing his Bob costume :) He was very serious and stunned by all of the other kids in their costumes. At one point, he and S were at the end of the parade line, they had been in the middle but Z stopped to take in everything around him :) Everyone was shouting out to him, "Hey Bob" and he really thought that he was Bob the Builder ;)

This was Z's first real Halloween. The other two don't really count because he was not cognitive of what was going on around him. It has been so much fun to experience this with him and I can't wait for Trick or Treating :)


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